how to convert scanned pdf to word for free

Updated on January 02, 2024        14960

Josh Lueke

Ha, said, hello everyone, welcome to pay attention to the science and technology commune, today, to share with you two PDF to Word software, are free, and then, they have the corresponding desktop software, and then, today we test the words, to give you a test of the online version, ah, is to see their efficiency, all aspects, conversion efficiency, how? The first one, this software, its name is Ratpif, and the second name, what is it called? PDF, now, we prepared two files on the desktop, ah, that is, I downloaded a personal, rent, personal rental, individual contract on this Baidu, and then it was converted into, uh, this PDF format, well, we open it now, first look at it, this original file, ah, the original file, this is the original file of the leather f format ah, well, we are now, look at it, the original file, the format of the flavor, no problem, and then, now, we are on this two websites, At the same time start uploading their dot f format, each two, every two hours can only be used once, has exceeded the limit ah, because I just tested, come down, in the refresh a bit, well, we from, good, we now open from another browser, another, because of that browser, I just tested the test, in order to give everyone a video demonstration, and then tested, however, now, yes, is, is uploading, well, now, this, it has been converted to complete, what, dot f, has been converted to complete, Then, when we download, when we download, we have to pay attention, because it has the same name as both files, and now, we make a markup, this or something, we mark the front of the big display, and then save, and then this is also converted to complete, and then, when we motor download, download it, make a mark, the front is, because its name is called Ratpi f, and then, we mark and capitalize f, and now. In it, its two models, two, this Wall file, we all dragged it to the desktop, and then opened it for everyone, look at it, this effect, how? First of all, the first, God, the effect of Ratpiirif, we do not test each word in detail, that is, roughly, look at it, its effect, how, because of the detailed detection, too troublesome, well, we can see the overall effect, it can be said, and the previous original effect ah, is exactly the same ah, is that I have not tested the font one by one, but at the moment it seems, yes, uh, very efficient, this is the first, Ratpi f, and then, the second, uh, yes, s, What peel f, good, we open ah, this, open speed, there, Miman, everyone is more anxious, now see it, yes, has been changed to this font, and then, we look again, ah, what is the problem, this found, here is a problem well, that is, after it is converted to complete it, this, this, this format is not tuned, and then, we still need to tune, slightly adjusted, the format, in fact, there is not much of a problem, but now from the two, two tools use the word , yes, the first, the first, this Ratpi f, its conversion efficiency and quality are higher, that, if you often use this type of software, you can directly download the desktop, and, this, uh, Shi Mo and this Laat, they all have the corresponding desktop side, ah, direct download can be, that, if everyone is more interested in this technology IT, we are here, built a WeChat group, specialized in communication, technology IT, skills, ah, is like software resources, Or some other skills, here, gathered a large number of this kind of technology IT enthusiasts, you can enter our WeChat group to communicate, into the poor way, big. Home, direct WeChat pay attention to the public number: science and technology commune, pay attention to the science and technology commune, in this Cai single column, there is one: into the poor chat, and then, you click directly, you can have the corresponding two-dimensional code! Well, today, first share it with you here, if you say, you have a better uh, PDF transponder software, you can leave a message in the comment area, and then, we recommend it to you! yes! Make headlines! Good! Thank you all for your attention! bow!